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Archived Breakaways
  • Birdsong in Himachal
    Discover more: Birdsong in Himachal
    Strap on your binoculars and focus your cameras as you head into the GHNP that supports about 200 bird species.
  • Partners in Rhyme
    Discover more: Partners in Rhyme
    Savour a rare experience centred around music and musicians. and lose yourself in musical interludes in the lap of nature - complete serendipity.
  • Go Wild Corbett
    Discover more: Go Wild Corbett
    Take wing in Corbett - a photography tour, teaming with bird action. Soak in the sights of raptors like Ospreys, Brown Fish Owls...
  • Mystic Mangroves
    Discover more: Mystic Mangroves
    Explore the mysteries of the largest mangrove forest of the world as we traverse through the creeks of the Sunderbans.
  • A Village Adventure
    Discover more: A Village Adventure
    Watch feel and inhale! Live one day of your life as a villager , breakaway from the pel mel of Mumbai.
  • One Tree Forest
    Discover more: One Tree Forest
    Discover a natural wonder through a tree climbing adventure in Pemgiri in the countryside outside Bombay on a Grass routes journey.
  • Taste Tripping in Bombay
    Discover more: Taste Tripping in Bombay
    Discover gastronomic delights in Bombay, and sink your teeth into the delicious secrets of a very unique fusion cuisine.
  • Bombay - Up Close and Personal
    Discover more: Bombay - Up Close and Personal
    Follow an insider to explore the fascinating facts and fiction, art and heart of a place they call the maximum city!
  • Baolis of Delhi
    Discover more: Baolis of Delhi
    Innovative, Intimate & Passionate... walks to rediscover the historic baolis (stepwells) of the cities of Delhi!
  • The Gurudwaras of Delhi
    Discover more: The Gurudwaras of Delhi
    Many cities, centuries and cultures come together to create the dynamic city of contemporary Delhi...
  • Lakes of Delhi
    Discover more: Lakes of Delhi
    Spend a day in love with water in the cities of Delhi!