Durga Venkataswamy

Beginning at a main-stream export unit in Tamil Nadu to now working with handlooms & crafts in Andhra & Gujarat, my thirty year journey up and down a variety of textile related "food-chains" has been very rewarding.

Traditional technologies used in the practice of textile crafts and handloom weaving fascinate me. To make such technologies relevant and sustainable, I study traditional practices and processes with the view to matching them with appropriate technologies from main-stream. This, to reduce drudgery but retain skill. It has been very gratifying to work in the craft sector, getting to know artisans and associate with NGOs who believe that handloom and craft are viable as livelihood, product, technology.

Travel has always been part of this journey. Meeting people and experiencing different cultures have been the mainstay. Now, with Breakaway, many worlds come together along with the opportunity of viewing craft & handloom through a new lens!