An arts curator, Himanshu Verma is the founder of Red Earth a New Delhi based independent arts organisation that works with Indian contemporary visual art as well as diverse forms of cultural expression, started in 2004. Under the banner of Red Earth, Himanshu curates exhibitions, visual art projects, and art festivals. His curatorial work engages with diverse themes and narratives, such as Indian Seasons and Festivals, Food, Delhi, as well as other themes like masculinity, and contemporary Indian urban culture.

As an artist, he is involved in multi-media collaborative art projects. Himanshu Verma is also a freelance researcher and writer.

His latest project is The Genda Phool Project a celebration of the universe of the marigold flower through art, music and plantations.

I have been working with Breakaway for some months now and we have had the good chance of walking together every now and then, walking to discover the cities of Delhi. The first thing that attracts me to Breakaway is the beautiful sensibility that it holds, thanks to its very charming and dynamic founder Shilpa Sharma. In a travel scenario where DMCs (Destination Management Company for those who didn't know) are a dime and dozen, it is ever so often that your curatorial practice of walking and exploring the city is reduced to a commercial transaction devoid of any artistic value, but Breakaways are far beyond this. Here we can really engage with people and places in so many rewarding ways. Moreover, the name couldn't be better chosen, every time we go a Breakaway, we feel so liberated at having broken away!