Cooking my way around the planet, whether it be in a restaurant or on the roadside, has brought me to the strangest of places where pot and ladle have taken the strangest forms and shapes, while hosts and guests alike spoke that common universal language of unbridled gastronomic delight when it comes to good food.. food always breaks the ice among strangers they say. I am Joe, the Travelling Chef. Hello!

My culinary adventures continue to explore the unknown with Breakaway. Meeting of diverse and creative minds brings me here, the constant desire to explore new tastes, textures and ingredients, taste buds travelled far and wide, experimenting everyday with food, tally Ho! Bringing moods and matter to manifest in a meal, juggling mother earth's bounty in a pot, mixing the immiscible, marrying the exotic with the mundane, just for that one moment of edible pleasure...that's my life's passion with cooking. Can I breakaway from the everyday, go down a culinary road less travelled?

Set my tastebuds free..with Breakaway , my experiments with taste take on a new high- new places, peoples, pots and pans, panoramas, passions...mingling together briefly, eternally, potpourri of energies coming together for a moment in time, setting us free again..

We as a team at Breakaway, are people on a quest, to enjoy some moments in new and interesting ways. So come along and let our tastebuds travel together.