Manan Dhuldhoya

A copywriter who doesn't write enough, a travel writer who doesn't travel enough, a wanderer who doesn't roam enough, a foodie who doesn't feed enough, a Bacchanal who doesn't worship enough and someone who hopes, with all his heart, that he never gets enough.

Manan started his career being a good Gujarati boy working in his family's textile business, before boredom and a childhood love for writing took him to advertising. Starting off as a flunky with a visiting card (read Copy Trainee), he wrote his way through several national launches before moving on to head the creative team that launched India's first official internet radio station. He then consulted at a boutique agency that specialised in travel brands (talk about fate, eh?). After helping launch the Superstar Libra cruise liner and South African Airways in India, he worked on brands like Malaysia Tourism and Rail Europe before striking out on his own.

A friend mentioned an unlikely lead and one email later, he was traipsing through Uttarakhand on assignment for Lonely Planet Magazine India. Since then, he's been regularly published in their widely-read pages. Manan's also had his photo essay on the Modhera Sun Temple win a reader's choice award on An avid reader and wannabe fisherman, his curiosity takes him to places that feed his mind as much as his stomach.

A chance encounter on Facebook brought us together and before we knew it, Manan was scampering across the country, identifying new locations and creating new experiences for you to savour. True to our word, we assure you these Breakaways will unearth new places and experiences in equal measure. And true to form, we promise you that he won't just take you on trips, but help you trip as well.

Image courtesy: Mehak Sethi