Mehru Jaffer

Mehru Jaffer, Author, The Book of Muhammad was born and brought up in Lucknow.

I fled the city in the late 1970s In those days I felt that Lucknow was falling apart. It was fast loosing its sleepy charm of the past and was totally unprepared to welcome the future. The city of gardens was over taken by weeds and citizens had forgotten how to replace fused bulbs collecting cobwebs on street lamps. I could not wait to breakaway.

My Mecca was Mumbai. Eventually I migrated to Delhi to work as a writer and journalist. But in 1982 I went to live even further away from Lucknow in Vienna, Austria.

Luckily I kept in touch with Lucknow and came visiting at least once a year. After having spent exactly three decades in different parts of the globe I returned in 2012 to make a home in Lucknow because time had taught me:

Lucknow hum pe fida, hum fida e Lucknow

What this means and why and what I am doing here now is a story you will love to hear along with other tall tales about the city even as we trace Lucknow's textile and craft trail together.