Puneetinder Kaur Sidhu

Writer, content developer, foodie, but mostly wanderer extraordinaire, Puneetinder Kaur Sidhu quotes Lao Tzu to best describes herself as a traveller with no fixed plans and no intention of arriving. She has been a travel and food columnist with Hindustan Times, is a literary critic for The Tribune, writes for Huffington Post, and authors the Times Food Guide for Chandigarh. She has penned over a dozen guides for Lonely Planet India, a couple for Times Group Books, and has authored a fun read Adrift: A Junket Junkie in Europe about her travels around the continent. She blogs at Cutting Loose.

Puneetinder believes her undying passion for the great outdoors stems from having spent her growing years shuttling between their farm in Punjab and schooling in Shimla. Her love for food though she blames entirely on her genes. A generally wide-ranging knowledge about her home state resulted in a driving guide called 'Experience Punjab On The Road'. Her true love though-of which she can never have enough-is road-tripping through Himalayan splendour. Her work-in-progress (firmly on the back-burner right now), a chronicle of colonial heritage along the iconic Old Hindustan-Tibet Road, is a result of this endless affair.