Ramanand Kowta

Despite being born in what was then called Bombay, Ramanand Kowta saw a minimum of this maximum city while he was growing up. After graduating in the sciences, he got his fingers dirty making Dalda on the HLL shop floor but he gave up the corporate life to return back to Bombay. From vegetable oil, his next step seemed like a logical one - become an organic farmer and supplying to clients in the city.

He went on to train in the Waldorf - Steiner Education System, and his experience there taught him the importance of the holistic experiences in helping an individual fulfil his destiny. By connecting the Sciences, Religion and Spirituality in his own way, Ramanand provides an approach to discovery that bypasses the head and talks straight to the heart. It's no wonder that he's equally popular with the young and the young at heart.

His smarter half stumbled upon an ad in the papers and encouraged him to try it out, leading him to his current occupation - that of a guide. With his unique approach to material and spiritual facets and his meticulous research, Ramanand is able to offer an insight into this mayanagri that Shantaram and Slumdog Millionaire cannot. He's the perfect companion to discovering just how many cities lurk under Mumbai's name, which makes him popular with locals and visitors alike, whichever part of this country or the world they've come from. All are welcome, as long as they're willing to breakaway.