Rohan Jelkie

I grew up in a family that discussed lunch over breakfast and dinner over lunch and over dinner spent time debating about what would form a part of that year's Christmas menu! And this probably started me off into the world of food & beverage. My maternal Grand mom, Aaita, and my Dad have been my culinary guardians and I used to love spending time in the kitchen with them learning the finer nuances of cooking and the enjoying the odd tidbits that I would get to delve into! Post my higher secondary I pursued a course in hotel management and took up culinary studies as my area of specialization. And it so happened that during my internship, much to my great annoyance, I was pushed into F & B service before I could even wield a knife at a hapless onion! Well but a job is a job and it needs to be done and if done with a bit of interest it is worth the while. And this is where I picked up my love for beverages thanks to my lifelong mentors, Siddhartha & Shreenam - I owe my career to them. From not knowing that a cold towel needs to be served by tongs or what a blue curaƧao is, to what I do today. I couldn't thank them enough for getting me started on what has been a terrific journey so far.

So what is it that I exactly do? As a professionally qualified wines & spirits trainer & mixologist, I develop and implement beverage training & tasting programs , I also consult F&B establishments in developing menus and signature cocktails for alco bev brands while writing for trade & consumer publications. Sad job, I know, but then somebody needs to do it! While I may make it sound like my afternoons (and evenings!) are spent stumbling into walls in a state of drunken stupor, fact is I love what I do. And to be able to share my passion for fine food and beverage with people is what keeps my spirits up!

Crossing paths with breakaway has been one of the best coincidences so far! I love to travel and I am happy that my job allows me to do plenty of that. To be able to carry work along with me to offbeat locations and create gourmet experiences for people who appreciate what you do and take equal amount of enthusiasm in learning the works from you, is a fulfilling and rewarding experience. And I look forward to many more of such wonderful breakaway experiences!