Shilpa Sharma

She quit a successful career to follow her dreams, and she is now living her dreams, that pretty much defines the person she is - an entrepreneur, who plans and executes bespoke experiential journeys around India.

She started Breakaway to share her love for travel, as she unearths what is waiting to be discovered and experienced, through travel to known and unknown destinations.

Her work outside travel opens up opportunities to meet interesting people and partake in community interactions.

"I meet wonderful people who share my passion for travel as I explore possibilities, of collaborations and partnerships, having lots of fun along the way, forging new bonds and sharing stories as we go along.

As we craft a "Beyond the Brochure" experience of a place and its people , you enrich yourself with the connections you make as you travel with us, those which don't let the fact that you're a tourist come in the way. We've joined hands, to nurture and build monuments at every crossing, and look forward to creating journeys together, and welcoming new influences everyday.

For at the end of the day I believe in myself and chart my own path as I follow my heart in whatever I do, wherever I am! There are no apprehensions of what might be, the journey is always well worth it"- Shilpa Sharma (Founder, Breakaway)