Suhail Shaikh, Consultant, France

An upbringing in Bombay, a design education in Ahmedabad, working and living in Bangalore...followed by a complete change-over and a new start in France, with moving jobs and homes and regions several times, culminating in a grand chucking-of-it-all to embrace the three passions that are his motor - paper-art, travel and people.

We stumbled across each other in the beginning of 2011 and recognised instantly in each other, the same passion for travel experiences and as we unpeeled the layers of discussions we also realised that we share an attention for detail concerning the quality of the experience. In a nutshell, it's about wanting to share an exciting experience in a way that we'd love to live ourselves, while adapting it to the traveller's needs.

So Breakaway happened and while we all nurse this beautiful baby in our own way, new ideas keep churning, new opportunities keep knocking and with pride and admiration, as a team, we watch it grow.