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About Us

Responding to a growing desire among today's travellers for journeys beyond the map, a breakaway from regularity gets you under the skin of an experience. Because travel today is no longer about transporting people to someplace else, Breakaway fills in these blanks with transcending experiences which you can leisurely unpack over a lifetime.

Aware that time is the new money, we offer immersive short and long breakaways, which you can sign up for, or have customised, assured on every count. Because today more and more people (like you and us) are no longer content being observers, striking items off holiday checklists. We are not tour operators, who drive you by the sights. We're a committed resource who offers you a deeper, more authentic and more profound experience of a place and people, rather than a "drive by" holiday.

Your Breakaway comes with an added assurance. A travel companion who helps you look rather than see, listen rather than hear and quietly sculpts your trip with an unimaginable dimension. Filling in travel blanks by being part of singular inspiring encounters, simply, authentically and profoundly.

Our bank of Breakaways is built on the strength of partnerships and shared beliefs. So rather than re-create isolated and hidden experiences that exist, we've listened in at campfires and traced travel whispers to the last lake house, mountain bend and rain cloud. All so we could join hands with a quiet fellowship in the countryside and cities. From culinary to heritage, feel it all first hand.

Need a Breakaway? Embark, from wherever you are.

Our Team

Shilpa Sharma

She quit a successful career to follow her dreams, and she is now living her dreams, that pretty much defines the person she is - an entrepreneur, who plans and executes bespoke experiential journeys around India.


Hetal Shrivastav

Born and brought up in a Gujarati family of weavers, Hetal grew up in an environment where traditions were genuinely valued, things were up cycled if they stopped functioning and dignity of work prevailed.


Anupama Bhat

Anupama Bhat, a textile design graduate of the NID. Co-Founder and owner of Kriya studio, an almost 3 year old design led manufacturing set up that manufactures eclectic home linen and textile accessory products.


Uma Tewari

A childhood spent journeying through India's vast expanse exposed me to our country and its people. Admiring its varied architecture and natural beauty was always time well spent on vacations. It always left me wanting more.


Abrar Ali Saiyed

Abrar Ali Saiyed earned his PhD in entrepreneurship and international business from Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (IIMA) and is a self-confessed foodie and heritage enthusiast.


Shabri Wable

Shabri has been working in the field of hand craft, although the beauty of hand-made products was her real motivation to be in this field.


Puneetinder Kaur Sidhu

Writer, content developer, foodie, but mostly wanderer extraordinaire, Puneetinder Kaur Sidhu quotes Lao Tzu to best describes herself as a traveller with no fixed plans and no intention of arriving. She has been a travel and food columnist with Hindustan Times, is a literary critic for The Tribune, writes for Huffington Post, and authors the Times Food Guide for Chandigarh.


Gulzar Hussain

Gulzar Hussain a young passionate ethnographer and Western Himalayan Researcher, he speaks all languages of the region and has a Masters in Travel and Hospitality Management Business School, Kashmir University. He is a keen photographer and has exhibited his work overseas.


Mehru Jaffer

I fled the city in the late 1970s In those days I felt that Lucknow was falling apart. It was fast loosing its sleepy charm of the past and was totally unprepared to welcome the future. The city of gardens was over taken by weeds and citizens had forgotten how to replace fused bulbs collecting cobwebs on street lamps. I could not wait to breakaway.


Suhail Shaikh

An upbringing in Bombay, a design education in Ahmedabad, working and living in Bangalore...followed by a complete change-over and a new start in France, with moving jobs and homes and regions several times, culminating in a grand chucking-of-it-all to embrace the three passions that are his motor - paper-art, travel and people.


Manan Dhuldhoya

A copywriter who doesn't write enough, a travel writer who doesn't travel enough, a wanderer who doesn't roam enough, a foodie who doesn't feed enough, a Bacchanal who doesn't worship enough and someone who hopes, with all his heart, that he never gets enough.


Durga Venkataswamy

Beginning at a main-stream export unit in Tamil Nadu to now working with handlooms & crafts in Andhra & Gujarat, my thirty year journey up and down a variety of textile related "food-chains" has been very rewarding.


Sangeeta Sen

My interest in the craft sector started while I was studying to become a textile designer at the National Institute of Design in Ahmedabad, India. During the course of my stay at NID, we met a terracotta mural worker in a little village called Molela. This man had traveled abroad as part of the Festival of India, but couldn't find sufficient clients to sustain his craft and make a living. That really had an impact on me and I decided that my future would be in working with various craftsmen and use design to connect them to bigger markets so that their craft becomes sustainable.


Ramanand Kowta

Despite being born in what was then called Bombay, Ramanand Kowta saw a minimum of this maximum city while he was growing up. After graduating in the sciences, he got his fingers dirty making Dalda on the HLL shop floor but he gave up the corporate life to return back to Bombay. From vegetable oil, his next step seemed like a logical one - become an organic farmer and supplying to clients in the city.



Cooking my way around the planet, whether it be in a restaurant or on the roadside, has brought me to the strangest of places where pot and ladle have taken the strangest forms and shapes, while hosts and guests alike spoke that common universal language of unbridled gastronomic delight when it comes to good food.. food always breaks the ice among strangers they say. I am Joe, the Travelling Chef. Hello!


Rohan Jelkie

I grew up in a family that discussed lunch over breakfast and dinner over lunch and over dinner spent time debating about what would form a part of that year's Christmas menu! And this probably started me off into the world of food & beverage. My maternal Grand mom, Aaita, and my Dad have been my culinary guardians and I used to love spending time in the kitchen with them learning the finer nuances of cooking and the enjoying the odd tidbits that I would get to delve into!



An arts curator, Himanshu Verma is the founder of Red Earth a New Delhi based independent arts organisation that works with Indian contemporary visual art as well as diverse forms of cultural expression, started in 2004. Under the banner of Red Earth, Himanshu curates exhibitions, visual art projects, and art festivals. His curatorial work engages with diverse themes and narratives, such as Indian Seasons and Festivals, Food, Delhi, as well as other themes like masculinity, and contemporary Indian urban culture.


Ravinder Bhalla

A world citizen in his thinking and an Indian by origin is what people say he is. A son of the soil in Punjab, having pursued hotel management and tourism, and fascinated by the diversity in Indian culture in different states yet similarities that unites people across geographies, he worked for a few years in the hotel industry before he threw it all away to chase his passion for travel.


Sonal Chitranshi

3 years at NIFT, Gandhinagar, and the wide exposure to craft and textile strengthened and deepened my affinity for hand craft. Destiny brought me to Rajasthan and I have lived worked and explored in Jaipur, since 2003 this vibrant state where I settled has taught me the beautiful craft of hand block printing.



Born and brought up in Jaipur, she would rather spend evenings curled up on a couch digesting travelogues, visiting places through a travel writer's words as opposed to physically legging it to breathtaking destinations. Attribute it to motion sickness - rumour has it, even as a baby she retched her guts out when her mother rocked the cradle!