Plantation tours for you, to rediscover your favourite brew.

India makes some of the world’s most prized teas as well as some of its popular coffees. To help you get a better taste of India, we organise experiences that will steep you deep in plantations and their unique cultures that combine the remnants of the British Raj with the enterprise of modern India. Live in colonial marvels, savour planters’ cuisine, and discover just why Plantation Trails tours are perfect to the tea. Or coffee.

Tea Tours

  1. North Bengal
  2. Assam
  3. Kerala
  4. The Nilgiris


Coffee Tours

  1. Coorg


We also offer spice trails to plantations in:

  • Kerala
  • Goa

Non-touristy estates

Exclusive tastings

Interactions with planters

Nature trails

Access to unreleased stocks

Scalable from 1 to many travellers

Walks through natural forests, the paths of Sim’s Park with novel trees, the Pomological Station and tea estates; breathing in fresh mountain air tinged with the fragrance of eucalyptus, garden flowers and tea factories; taking vistas of mountains, sky, forests and tea gardens; savouring chocolates at Moddy’s and varki at the bakery, and tea tasting and a memorable 'tea dinner' at Teanest; learning of tea production at Benchmark tea factory… and more was possible thanks to the very well organized tour by Breakway. From Coimbatore airport pick-up to drop by Praveen an excellent, courteous and helpful driver, the four days trip was most comfortable and enjoyable as it was very well planned and Bindu was discreetly coordinating it throughout. Thank you!
Brinda & Satyajit Gill, Coonoor, April 2022

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