Discover art that played its part in history.

India’s proud heritage of art extends back to the prehistoric cave paintings that have been uncovered at sites across the subcontinent and thrives today in the proud strokes of various schools of art across the country. At Breakaway, we have put together Heritage Art Trails that let you paint yourself in the traditions of a region and its visual history. Come, breakaway.

The history of art in India begins with the prehistoric rock paintings of Bhimbhetka and has flowered into various schools of design and aesthetics in the modern world. From Bundi in the west to Pahadi the north, from Kalighat school in the east to Thanjavur in the south, there isn’t a traditional school of painting that we have not dipped our brushes into. Our guests have met master painters who are the last custodians of a dying art and been given access to their private collections to look at and learn from. We’ve also set up classes and lessons as well as private buying interactions which have left everyone richer for the experience.

Deep dives into styles and histories

Audiences with master painters

Cultural & Culinary add-ons

Exclusive buying opportunities

Art Gallery Walks

We had a lovely time in Shekhawati. It is a forgotten era and it was fascinating and sad at the same time to see so many abandoned havelis. Glad that I got to see it before it is lost to time. The arrangements were good, Malji ka kamra is beautiful and the guides were very good. Thank you for organizing the trip for us.
Mini Bhandary, February 2020

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