Beyond The Brochure

The real India awaits beyond the pages of the brochure.

India is a much photographed and advertised destination and her brochures are well thumbed by all who come to visit her. But you can go Beyond The Brochure only with us.

Our team of intrepid adventurers has gone travelling through some of India’s most visited landscapes and dug deep to find gems so hidden that they are don’t find much mention in tourism literature. These experiences have been compiled into immersive itineraries that will give you a taste of the food, culture, and heritage of those destinations that few others might have even seen, leave alone sampled.

Beyond The Brochure is our signature offering. It stays true to its name and offers not an itinerary but an imagination of the India experience that has been crafted specially for you. Little-known but much appreciated, the places and people we’ve unearthed for you across the diversity of this sub-continent will make you understand why our travellers now prefer no other way of immersing in India apart from breaking away.

Some of our more popular Beyond The Brochure experiences are in Punjab, Assam, Rajasthan, Sikkim, and Kerala.

Lesser-known interactions in well-known destinations

Exclusive properties and experiences

Customisable to personal preferences

Scalable from 1 to many guests

I would say highlights of the tour included the walk down the street in the village where everyone is a weaver (on the way to Pondicherry), the half day tour in Karaikudi with the guide from the Bangala that included the mansion houses and weaving center, the Meenakshi Temple and Chungadi saris in Madurai (your guide there was particularly good) and the next day with the same guide at the Gandhigram Center dying and weaving centers. I want to thank you again for everything you did before and during the tour to make our visit so successful. We had a lot of fun.
Joel Kluger, November 2018
We requested a tailor-made trip around the various fabric making techniques and producers in region (mostly Rajasthan). We saw block printing and tie-dying, embroidery and perhaps best of all visited a collective deep in the back of beyond that specialises in helping women who had been abandoned by their husbands, back into the workplace. We arrived in India with half empty suitcases but returned with them crammed with wonderful fabrics that we had seen being created. Everywhere we stayed was delightful and characterful. Particularly outstanding was our Hotel in Churu a lovingly reconstructed Haveli with original frescoes on our bedroom wall.
Paul Chandler & Frances Lindsay-Hills, October 2018
Travelling with Breakaway was a thoroughly professional experience. Their bespoke itineraries give access to aspects of India that are off the beaten path and fit my interests perfectly. Most important, as a woman traveling alone, I felt safe and in good hands every second of the way.
Bublu Thakur-Weigold, November 2016

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