It’s time for travel that tackles your pet peeve.

Travel is best savoured with those we love. And for those of us that love our four legged family, nothing is more distressing, even aggravating, than having to leave them behind at home because the properties we are travelling to are not pet-friendly.

Our founder has always lived with and loved dogs and hated leaving them behind when she had to travel. This drove her, and our team, to set out and unearth properties than not only allow pets, but welcome them.

Many trips later, we have curated driving-based travel circuits around India based on properties that aren’t too long of a drive from one another and will ensure that your furry family member has as much of a memorable time as you do as you break away.

At these properties, your pets can enjoy special outdoor walks, play areas, and food made specially for them while you can also enjoy memorable meals, quiet places to unwind, and nature walks with or without your pet.

Some of the areas we offer Pet Circuits on are:

  • Kumaon
  • Garhwal
  • Goa
  • Agra
  • Rajasthan
  • Chikmagalur

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