Why discover a state by only whom you meet when you can also do it by what you eat?

Of all the ways to sample a state, the most memorable must surely be on your plate. And at Breakaway, we’ve curated some mouth-watering introductions for you across India. Are you ready to learn how to say “Hello” and “Could I have some more, please?” in different languages?

Our team has marched (on their stomachs) across India and unearthed families that proudly showcase their traditions on their plates. Nair tharavads, Mappila mansions, Lepcha bungalows, Rajput havelis – there isn’t a home among these that won’t stuff you full with their culinary heritage. And the best part? Every single home you live at has a lady of the house who runs cooking masterclasses specially for our guests.

So come, Breakaway. A state awaits. On your plate, where else?

Heirloom recipes

Intimate interactions

Cooking masterclasses with resident experts

Cultural immersions in all regions

Cultural excursions in all regions

Scalable from 1 to many travellers

I would say highlights of the tour included the walk down the street in the village where everyone is a weaver (on the way to Pondicherry), the half day tour in Karaikudi with the guide from the Bangala that included the mansion houses and weaving center, the Meenakshi Temple and Chungadi saris in Madurai (your guide there was particularly good) and the next day with the same guide at the Gandhigram Center dying and weaving centers. I want to thank you again for everything you did before and during the tour to make our visit so successful. We had a lot of fun.
Joel Kluger, November 2018
Travelling with Breakaway was a thoroughly professional experience. Their bespoke itineraries give access to aspects of India that are off the beaten path and fit my interests perfectly. Most important, as a woman traveling alone, I felt safe and in good hands every second of the way.
Bublu Thakur-Weigold, November 2016

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