At first glance, a Breakaway for senior management might seem “off brand”, as the youth might say. But since our founders and many of our Breakawayers have climbed the corporate ladder, often to the top, they know firsthand that the best investment one can make is in oneself.

This is why we’ve added this new experience for those who might want to take the time to reflect upon their lives and careers and want to do it by putting distance between work and themselves. Set in immersive and thought-provoking locations and filled with local creative and cultural stimulation, these experiences create the space for reflection and realignment.

So come, breakaway. We’ll show you the best investment for your business. You.

Our signature sustainability experience is called Give Change A Chance. As the name suggests, this is how you can learn, firsthand, how travel does not have to rich in information but poor in learning.

Some of the more popular Give Change A Chance experiences are in:

  • Uttarakhand, where you will meet stakeholders from the region’s leading organisations working in arts, crafts, and traditional foods of the people
  • Himachal Pradesh, where you will visit a school changing children’s lives, an animal welfare organisation, a health food company leveraging local wisdom, and a social enterprise dedicated to cultural preservation and innovation
  • Rajasthan, where you will meet a couple turning elephant poo into paper, the founder of a zero-waste fashion label, a farmstay large built from wood and furniture salvaged from a palace cleared for a dam, a college founded to demystify and decentralise technology and thus empower women, and a social enterprise that ensures a fair distribution of income to its craftspersons
  • Delhi, where you will visit an organisation promoting conscious consumption, a fashion brand that weaves social justice and environmental regeneration into its clothes, and a trust that provides care for street children


We also have other experiences like:

Water Walks at forts in Rajasthan, on which you will get a unique perspective on how centuries old water harvesting systems not only help store vital water in a region that doesn’t get enough but also help transport it hundreds of feet up a hill.

Made for management

Perfect for mid and late career professionals

No compromise on comfort

Crafted for reflection

Interactions can be facilitated

Your facilitators were all very knowledgeable and very nice… we especially loved Nishita (who is very young but very smart and helpful), Shabri and Abrar. The curated walk of old Ahmedabad was just wonderful, we could have spent more time on the walk as there are a lot of hidden gems, very beautiful.
Isabel & Pier, February 2020

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