Craft an experience from the warp and weft of India’s handmade heritage.

At Breakaway, we pride ourselves on offering an unmatched range of experiences and interactions via our Textile Trails. Our tapestry of experiences covers the country and lets you discover the warp and weft of India’s proud textile and handicraft traditions. And while each experience ensures you meet the creators of these handmade rarities and hear their stories, it also gives you the chance to take one of them home. For that, you only need to breakaway.

Shilpa has led perhaps India’s flagship traditional clothing brand to renown across the country and also co-founded one of India’s most respected arts and crafts e-commerce brands. She uses the relationships woven in her career to embroider a tapestry of textile trails that weave their way across India’s most famous and best loved fabrics and places.

Our textile and craft trails range from short trips across one or two cities to long explorations spanning entire states but they all have one thing in common – they serve rare, hand-spun gems. Chats and interactive visits with textile design experts and scholars and local artisans enhance your understanding of the various weaving and printing techniques and historical context as they shape India’s contemporary textile culture. Reflected in the art, framed in old forts, and sold in the local markets, these experiences let you wrap yourself in India’s hand-spun heritage.

From visits with master craftsmen to shopping sprees at exclusive collections via viewings of some of India’s best private collections, every trail is studded with experiences that can only be savoured one way. By breaking away, of course.

We offer textile breakaways in:

  • Gujarat
  • Rajasthan
  • Tamil Nadu
  • Bengal
  • Punjab
  • Central India
  • Kashmir & Ladakh

Peerless facilitators

Access to private collections

Audiences with master artisans & designers

Experiences of dying craft & textile traditions

Hands-on workshops

Deep immersions for the scholarly

Thank you so much for the wonderful textile and craft trail Break-away organized. We had a wonderful time meeting the artists and weavers and they were incredibly welcoming and enthusiastic. Sonal was an amazing facilitator, she was so open about sharing her experiences at the grassroots and was a store house of information. She gave us a context before we visited the artisans and it helped us understand the craft and helped us situate it in a social context.
Sushmita & friends, February 2020

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