A short time can also enrich you for a lifetime.

To see a place, you could drive through and show it a clean pair of heels. But to truly experience it, you must walk through it and be ready to get your hands dirty. Enter, our Walks.

Crafted specially to let you have a truly enriching interaction in a few hours, these experiences show you the interesting facets to places by their most interesting people. Our walks are conducted by leading voices in their fields and these facilitators are fellow travellers with whom your interactions are sure to linger, like the best travel experiences always do.

These walks are usually in urban areas and cover interesting, often hidden aspects of the place’s history, culture, and communities. All walks are short and immersive and are perfect to savour while travelling.

These interactions cover events and festivals, cooking and dining experience including cheese making, visits to places of cultural and historical importance, textile and fabric making like tie-and-die and block printing, and visits to local and indigenous communities, to name but a few. Let us know how much time you have on hand and we’ll craft an interaction that will have you rubbing your hands in glee.

Conducted by locals

Built for discovery

Short yet intense

New perspectives

Perfect for the curious

Your facilitators were all very knowledgeable and very nice… we especially loved Nishita (who is very young but very smart and helpful), Shabri and Abrar. The curated walk of old Ahmedabad was just wonderful, we could have spent more time on the walk as there are a lot of hidden gems, very beautiful.
Isabel & Pier, February 2020

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