Carleton Student’s Program

Helping international students learn in and from India.

Client: Carleton College, Minnesota USA
Area: Delhi & Uttarakhand
Aim: To help students understand the impact of globalisation in India

A bastion of liberals arts learning, Carleton College has been conducting an off-campus programme in India since 2019. Called Globalisation and Local Responses and conducted across various regions in India, this programme is led by Prof. Meera Sehgal and Prof. Brendan LaRocqu and aims to teach students about the impact that globalisation is having on various communities across India and their responses to its challenges.

Over 10 weeks between January and March 2023, the professors led 10 students on this journey of discovery and learning across 3 distinct geographies in India. Breakaway curated two weeks of experiences in Delhi and Uttarakhand by organising immersive experiences & speakers in Delhi and two week long civic engagement projects for the student groups in Kumaon, Uttarakhand.

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