Samarth Elder Care

Everyone deserves the chance to break away.

Client: Samarth Elder Care
Area: Pan India
Aim: To facilitate travel for their community of senior members

Since 2016, Samarth has been creating a sustainable ecosystem for the care of elders in over 75 cities across India. Fortune 500 companies across the globe have partnered with Samarth so it was a matter of great pride when they reached out to us to create bespoke travel crafted to the specific individual needs of their members.

Travel has a very positive effect on the mind and body and studies have linked travel to a lowered risk of heart attack, the boosting of the immune system, improvements in mood, and a considerable alleviation of stress. Add the thrill of discovering new places and people and the joys of returning home with memories to savour and the team at Samarth was keen to create unique travel experiences for their community of elders to enjoy.

They came to us with this singular objective, for which we had to:

· Suit mid-priced, premium, and luxury budgets
· Create travels for small groups of like-minded peers from the Samarth community
· Help singles or couples wanting to make new friends by travelling with Samarth members of a similar profile
· Cater to different levels of fitness and capability
· Be high on comfort & ease of access and mobility (no sights which have stairs to climb, avoid low slung vehicles)
· Source impeccable properties with ramps and lifts to account for differing levels of mobility
· Ensure experiences around locations with access to Samarth’s quality medical facility tie-ups

Keeping these parameters in mind, we crafted 3 types of Breakaways for seniors to take.

Regenerative Vacations
Buddy-based or Accompanied Travel
The experiences are build around staycations at carefully chosen properties that centre togetherness and discovery. Making new connections while strengthening old ones and bonding with family over fun and food, these vacations help you recharge, rejuvenate, and regenerate so that both you and your bond with loved ones emerge fresher and stronger.

Push the Envelope Breaks
Self-driven and Small Group Travel
Age should no barrier to adventure and for the ones who always heed its call, we created a range of offbeat experiences that couples or small groups of elders can drive off to. From craft immersions to food trails to little-known architectural wonders, each experience is peppered with interactions with locals and is crafted to deliver discoveries that will help you return with a new worldview.

Assisted Travel
Individual Focus
Samarth provides care across different age and assistance groups and hence understand the factors that keep certain members of their community from experiencing the rejuvenation and enrichment that come with travel. As do we. This is why we have worked to create a range of experiences like a beach vacation or a pilgrimage on which a travelling companion, trained and certified by Samarth, travels with the community member.

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