Paramparik Karigar

Lending a helping hand is our tradition.

Client: Paramaparik Karigar
Area: Tamil Nadu
Aim: To uncover new artisans

Paramparik Karigar was founded in 1996 for a group of master craftsmen who wanted to form an organisation of their own. The founding aim of Paramparik Karigar is to preserve and promote traditional art and craft of India and to ensure that craftsmen continue to create their craft, earn a sustainable income, and encourage their children to continue their tradition by passing it on to them and ensuring that their skills stay alive and relevant.

They wanted us to craft a trip to Tamil Nadu and arrange meetings with the right artisans whom they could invite to be a part of the eagerly-awaited Paramparik Karigar exhibitions. They gave us a list of places they wanted to visit to which we added our own suggestions for other crafts apart from what they had requested for. And over 10 days, we ensured that not only did their team meet the right artisans, but they also saw a side to Tamil Nadu they didn’t expect.

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